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Our History


Alfa Triton Engineering has a rich history of involvement in the engineering industry and services in Australia. Starting out in 1974, we design and build custom-made machinery for manufacturing clients. The company quickly developed into a solid, successful engineering business, with loyal staff and a reputation for service and quality.


Alfa Triton was founded on the principle that if a job was worth doing, it was worth doing to the highest standard. Alfa Triton workmanship and service are the pride of the company and the foundation of its work. There is a geniune bond between the team and the job, as it is apparent with the finished outcome of every order. Alfa Triton is known for excellence, because we have the appliances, artistry and adjustability to meet your goals and needs. Customer satisfaction is a very important aspect of our business as customer loyalty and brand awareness is respectively what keeps our business running. Throughout the 44 years of successfully striving through this industry, we are proud to continue the tradition of engineering quality and service.