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These are projects we have completed from drawing on CAD systems then produced and manufatured:


  • Transition Pipe
  • Stair Case
  • Guillotine
  • Mixer






Restore and Refurbish

We take in old machines and restore from the ground up.

Stair Case

We developed this double helix staircase for the customer. With the files sent to Laser cutters and rollers, it would then be produced. 


This guillotine was designed to have more strength and rigidity and also with parts that are attached with screws so the warping from welding is kept to a minimum.


Transition Pipe

This Transition pipe was used to transfer from round to square. CAD Drawings to laser cutters and rollers then welded together.




The mixer was designed from the ground up to suit the customer's needs, from size of the motor to height to tilt angle. All designing was carefully thought out to ensure customer satisfaction.